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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Frankfurt, Germany ~ March 8, 2011 ~ Fan Comments 

Frankfurt, Germany, March 8, 2011


Thank you for such a wonderful evening on 8 March in the Alte Oper of Frankfurt, Germany. The 2.5 hours we spent with you were simply incredible. Seeing the 11-year old accompany you to "Teacher" on the piano was awesome!! All the songs and all the memories they stir and bring back was a super experience. Please come back to see us again soon!!!           ~Kevin Hausauer


Thank you for this wonderful evening and the autograph yesterday in Frankfurt Alte Oper Germany.  I have listened to you since I was five years old. My mother died when I was four so you helped me with your music to be ok with it, with my pain, my memories with my dreams and hopes. If I had a God I would give him your voice and sentiment!!!               ~Claire


Amazing!! Roger, I was sitting in the middle of row 34..but your voice, charm and jokes trapped my heart and I start crying, because I was sooooo happy to be part of this show! Like you said : "Maybe some of you have memories while listening to the songs. Some are thinking about a partnership or making babies..." And what was great as well...the young boy who was playing the piano at the end of the show!!!!! SO GREAT!!!! Thank you for coming to the Alte Oper (old opera) because it took me 20 minutes to get there and only 59 €uros to have one of the best memories ever!!! You transport your feelings while singing these songs is so valuable for me! Now I take my Supertramp cds and feed my cd player in my little car ;-)  Feel Hugged.        ~Thorsten-Wiesbaden
By the way: I was the guy who was whistling the loudest ;-)



The luckiest girl in the world !!! After a meet & greet in Frankfurt with the giant ROGER HODGSON !!!!     ~ Marion Herschberger

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