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Monday, March 7, 2011


Fan Comments for Edmonton, AB Canada ~ March 5, 2011 

River Cree Resort & Casino, Enoch (Edmonton), AB Canada, March 5, 2011


I just got home from your show in Enoch, near Edmonton. I was also at your last concert with Supertramp in Toronto touring Famous Last Words. Has is it really been that long? You mentioned your affection for Canada in both shows. Your music has been very deeply and warmly appreciated up here since the very beginning, and it will be forever. Thanks so much for braving the cold and for bringing the "tent" down.            ~Steven B

Thank you for the amazing show at Edmonton tonight. Bravo to your Orillia/Jarratt's Corner Sax player Aaron.             ~Roger Jarratt

Woke up this morning and I can still hear those great sounds . Great show at the River Cree. Feel 40 years younger. Please come back and play the Windspear Theater in Edmonton.        ~ Gordon Symington

Thank you for a fantastic show. I felt like a teenager again, down in the basement, cranking the hi-fi with my folks yelling down the stairs to "turn it down". Your music was the soundtrack of my high school years and continues to get a lot of play time on my iPod. I am here in Canada working and extended my trip home by a week so that I could get the chance to see you in concert. Truly the chance of a lifetime! Take care and God bless.                ~Tim

I was at your Edmonton concert last night and enjoyed every minute of it. I saw the "Crime of the Century" show when you were with Supertramp in the mid 70's and I have to say this show was much better! Your voice has gotten stronger and clearer over the years and your ability to connect with the audience is amazing. You share the stage with fantastic musicians who are all very talented. Your sound technicians understand how to mix your show properly too.  Thanks very much for this amazing show.  Please come back soon.                   ~Les

The wife and I were at the concert last night at River Cree Casino (March5/11) and were blown away, awesome concert. Saw you a couple of years ago at the Jubilee Auditorium but this was much better with a full band. Will definitely come to see you again. I grew up with you and your music, wore out 3 Crime of the Century cassettes. Money well spent. It's nice to be taken back in time. Thank you, thank you very much!! Hope you can continue for years to come and I will be at every concert.         ~Wayne

I was at your Edmonton concert and enjoyed it so much. I saw you in Calgary back in the 70's and it sounded just like then but even better. You have an excellent group of musicians. I wish you also played "Even in the Quietest Moments". I hope to see you again very soon and hope that you won't take The Long Way Back to Canada.                            ~ Eppo Smit

I saw your show at River Cree last night in Edmonton, it blew me away, since the last time I saw Supertramp was in 1979 at Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, you havenít lost your amazing voice or your ability to touch the hearts of the your loyal followers.                      ~ Gary Carey

Words cannot thank you enough for the wonderful concert in Edmonton last night! I have been an avid Supertramp follower since your first album, and have been to your concerts frequently over the years, since the first album release. You sing the music of our life.... so many great memories! Thank you Roger. We love you.           ~ JoAnne Clauson

Seen your show in Edmonton last night and it was amazing. I hope you come back soon. I hope to hear new material soon.           ~ Gary Wowk

I had a great time last night at the River Cree saw Supertramp in the 70s last night was a reminiscence of my youth great backup band (Canadians) it was all a good time.           ~the loud whistler

My wife and I attended your show last night in Edmonton. Wow!! The quality was outstanding. Your voice, the music, everything was great! I am a huge fan of the horns, especially the sax. I purchased you DVD. It's great. But I was wondering if maybe in the future you could do another one with the full band like last nightís show. I will be first in line to snatch one up. Hope you come back soon.                  ~Ken C

I was at your show at the River Cree in Edmonton last night, and I must say you are all very talented musicians. I had the time of my life! The show was fantastic; I can't believe how tight your band is! I hope to see you again soon, please come back again!         ~Gord

My wife and I travelled from Grande Prairie, AB.(4 hr drive) to catch our very first live performance of you last night at the River Cree in Edmonton, and believe me your show overwhelmed me more than any other show I have been to in the last 30 yrs. You had me singing almost all the songs of the night word for word! Absolutely fantastic! Please don't ever stop your touring; you are a truly gifted individual! My wife (who is a definite fan now) and I will never miss another show. We were sad when the show was over; we could have listened and sang all night with you, absolutely a heartfelt, fantastic performance. Will be waiting for the next time you drop by and of course greatly anticipate another album to add to our collection, keep on, keepin' on Roger, sincerely.                     ~Scotty and Val M.

What an awesome evening of memories and music! We had seen you in Banff 10-12 years ago (solo act) and then at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton again in the last 4-5 years. Friday night was amazing! Well done!                    ~ Barry & Nancy

From Roger's Wall on his Facebook Page:

I loved tonightís show you were amazing Roger. You're a down to earth guy which I admire in a musician. Thanks and I hope I get to see you once more before you retire.           ~ Eric Keiver

Seeing Roger play with his band was a real treat tonight, His songs are so good! But I have to admit, I saw Roger playing at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, I prefer Fallsview Casino venue.   Thanks for the great show Roger !              ~ Gregory Rank

Great show last night. Look forward to you coming back to Edmonton soon.           ~Peter North

Roger, last night's show was awesome! Brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks for the songs. I last saw you with Supertramp in 1977 in Edmonton.          ~ Lori Davey

Superb performance ... goosebumps. You've still got it Roger!           ~Mae Beck

Awesome memories.. and I loved your new songs too, going to have to add them to my playlists. Not sure if there were any other Old Stoics watching, but here was one very proud one. Enjoy the rest of your tour.. You have a crazy schedule!          ~ Neill Orr


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[ Posted by Peter Goertzen, March 07, 2011 23:38 ]
     Hi Roger,
What a super(!) concert at River Cree Resort in Edmonton on March the 5th!!! The older songs you performed sounded better than the original studios versions. You and your band were awesome, as I told your keyboardist after the performance. And your technicians did a superbly masterful job mixing - especially considering the event took place in a "tent" - as you called it! I myself lived in Winnipeg in the 70's and yours has been one of my favorite voices since. I feel special that like you, I began playing music on a hand-me-down guitar in the late 60's and writing songs on an old pump organ - which I actually used to play in our garage band until I could afford a keyboard and Leslie speaker. Hope to see and hear you again soon. If you had only one fan in Canada, that would be me; but in fact you could have millions! I just wish now I had the video of the performance...
Peter Goertzen

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