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Friday, November 12, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Epcot ~ November 4 and 5, 2010 

Florida,  USA

November 4 and 5, 2010

Welcome to Orlando! I am a Cast Member at Epcot and was so excited to learn that you were coming to perform here months ago.  I was happy to be able catch your first set and totally enjoyed it. I was inspired to do more research on your history and salute your efforts to remain true to your songs! Thank you for sharing your superb talents with all of your fans! I hope you will be a repeat performer in coming years!    ~ Mike

Thank you for the show at Epcot. I have been waiting 33 years to see you or Supertramp. Wish the tour with them would work out, but apparently they are living in a different world. Please come back to the States, Florida in particular, and I am there. I wish you could have kept going, it seemed just when you got going and got the crowd into it, you had to leave. I didn’t care, it was just great to see and hear you. Thank you for all of the music that has stuck with me for many years.         ~ Tom Heveron

Saw you last night at Epcot. THANK YOU so much, it was an amazing night for me. Saw all three shows. Your music has been and is a wonderful gift to me. I can't wait to see you perform again tonight. Your right it is true "MAGIC"            ~ Lori Hainkel

Drove from Miami to Orlando (3 & a half hour drive) on Thursday to see you perform and I saw you perform all six shows.  You were great. Your voice is still golden and you have such a warm personality to go with the great musical performance.  Thank you for mixing up the set lists and for playing a part of Fool's Overture & Hide in Your Shell.  Please come back to Florida again, If you do I will be there no matter where you play.                        ~ Stuart Bloom

Thank you for a great performance last night at Epcot. I saw all three shows and despite the cold weather I had the best time at a concert ever. I had never had a chance to see you live and that venue, small, almost private was spectacular. Kudos for your sidekick, he is a class act of his own. Linda mentioned you might be coming to South Florida in the near future. I hope you do... I'll be there again, and every time you come. Have a great Tour!            ~ Benny Chande

I had been eagerly anticipating your appearance at EPCOT for the first time and was well rewarded. We caught four out of your six shows and were amazed at both your songwriting abilities and how well just two of you captured the sound of each song played. I think I nearly wore out Crime of the Century when it came out. Now I'll be revisiting Supertramp's body of work as well as discovering more of what you have done since. Thanks for two memorable evenings. Hope you'll be back to EPCOT next year.       ~ Brett Robinson

Great to meet you again at Epcot- thanks to Linda for letting us say hi- as I told you it was so good to see you it was hard not to cry when you were singing- I hope you'll consider more US shows!!! Lots of love to you!         ~ Barry


My fiancé and I attended the Epcot Food and Wine Festival on Sat Nov 6 sort of by accident. He was doing business in the area and we wanted to mix in some fun. We came by the stage just as your last show was starting, sat down and were immediately captivated. Brad sang along with every song. Thank you for the best part of our trip. Your voice sounds amazing and each song was so crisp and perfect. Your Canadian musician with the Minnie Mouse ears was also excellent. Thank you for a wonderful show!                ~ Karen Perrino

Sometimes dreams do come true……. thank you Roger, thank you Erin, thank you Linda, thank you for the check mark on my bucket list.  Thank you for the two nights of magical entertainment at Epcot that my family and I will never ever forget. We saw all six shows AND got to meet Roger after the last show. Props to Disney for realizing the magic of Roger’s musical talents and bringing him to Florida. Please do it again next year, so I can see the sound tracks of my life again.               ~ Mike Swan

Thanks Roger for an amazing 3 performances on Friday at Epcot. We had a blast and both you and your sax player were really fabulous. Of course we were the ones dancing to Dreamer as it has been my family song for decades and is played at weddings, funerals, any family gathering!
Thanks again - hope to see you next year. Xx      ~ Angela Clark

When you wish upon a star, your dreams really do come true!  I've wanted to see Roger live for so many years, and the shows at Epcot were worth the wait. He is such an amazing singer, songwriter and performer. I hope he will come back to the Florida area soon!        ~ Joni Rigby

Thank you to Roger, Disney, Robin and the USA fan club and my husband Michael -- I saw Supertramp in 1983 and then saw Roger at Epcot on 11/4/10. The fan club arranged meeting back stage (my husband and I are the musicians) -- the concert has inspired me on musical and spiritual levels, listening to the words more deeply, and looking forward to connecting with guitar and piano again.  Meeting Roger was so brief, and so powerful. Thank-you for your warmth and genuine kindness.  Your generosity has affected my world very deeply and has done me a world of good. So, not only did I enjoy every minute of each of the 3 sets at Epcot, the effect is lasting.  This was my first time to the Food and Wine festival, though living in Florida and it was not my first time to Epcot. What happened though was that the Epcot experience became a supporting role to the best part of the event: Roger's concerts! Delicious!                ~ Norma Jo

Thank you so much for wishing my fiancé a Happy Birthday at Epcot on 11/05/10. David Root was so surprised to hear that coming from his favorite artist. David root is also a musician and has his own studio, where his work is with cases for instruments.  Thank you,  We can't wait to see Roger perform again!       ~ Lourdes Root

The shows at Epcot were so brilliant!!  Roger needs to perform music more here in the USA !!                    ~ Richard Declemente

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