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Monday, August 9, 2010


Schaffhausen, Switzerland ~ August 5, 2010 ~ Elke Beckett 

Take the Long Way Home

Give a Little Bit

Hide in Your Shell

Lovers in the Wind

Easy Does It / Sister Moonshine

Breakfast in America

Only Because of You / Lord is it Mine

The Logical Song

Know Who You Are

Child of Vision

Say Goodbye

Don't Leave Me Now


Fool's Overture




It's Raining Again

Give a Little Bit



Roger was the main act of the opening night for the first ever Schaffhausen festival. This small town in Switzerland has set up a wonderful event. Everyone felt welcomed and comfortable. The venue, a square in the town-centre was full - 3.600 people but it just felt like celebrating the music with some friends.


There were two acts on before Roger and they were really great but it's hard "competing" against Roger and Aaron - I know I have to be careful now in order to not diminish the other two bands but when you have the chance to compare three acts in a row you only become more aware of the sheer brilliance and perfection of what Roger, Aaron, Howard and the crew are creating each single night.


But back to the beginning:

We arrived early (and in pouring rain) in order to do some sightseeing - but as we headed towards our first object of interest we came past the "Herrenacker" - that's the name of that square where the stage was set up and we saw Aaron up on that stage doing soundcheck and so our sightseeing was forgotten for the time being. A couple of minutes later Roger arrived in one of the "festival cars", a cute little car with just enough space for Roger and one of his guitars (and the driver of course). The second guitar was brought along by Shakti in another "festival car". We stayed till the end of soundcheck and the rain had hardly ever ceased and it should not stop until the concert started - this time the magic worked once again.


It was really a pleasure watching all those people who are involved during soundcheck - all the dedication and all the concentration of the organizers, techs and helpers... One of the organizers, Thomas Hauser was sitting down in front of the stage during the concert when Roger played "Take the Long Way Home", enjoying this one song before going back to work again and you could see that this was his reward. I could go on and on praising the organization and security - oh, I have one story about security which I must tell. There was a six-year old standing there in the front row with his mother and about ten minutes before Roger came out on stage the boy needed to go to the bathroom but of course there was a whole crowd of people standing right behind them, so they thought about what to do and in the end one of the security guys - a real brawny, tough-looking fellow took care of the problem: he lifted the boy over the barrier, went to the bathroom with him and returned him safely to his mother. That's what I call security!


The "Herrenacker" is surrounded by houses and at the beginning of the show Roger also welcomed the people who were watching from those windows up there and he added that this was a perfect place for concerts and that he was very happy to be one of the artists to open this festival.


The whistling during "Easy does it" worked out splendidly, Roger was so impressed that after the first part of the whistling we got a "great" from him plus the Italian chef gesture - kissing his fingertips to signal how delicious that was and in the end he added a "Bravo".


After a brilliant "Breakfast in America", Roger moved over to the piano and said that people often ask him whether he's got a favourite song and he said that it is almost impossible for him to answer that question but that those next two songs which he put together for us are two that he loves very much but he wouldn't tell us what they were - he surprised us with "Only Because of You" and "Lord is it Mine".


Roger dedicated "Logical Song" to Georges Kern that night. He was the one who had shown him around a watch manufacturer facility in Schaffhausen earlier that day and Roger shared his experience with us and at the same time gave us some insights into what drives him: "The thing that touched me the most was that there is a company that cares so much about doing something so wonderful and impeccable and perfect. The atmosphere was just incredible, everyone was so dedicated. In this world of today it is rare to find that kind of dedication. I've always felt that about my music, I've always tried to do everything I could to make it the most powerful, the most perfect and the most deep from my heart and so it really touched me to feel that when I was shown round the facility."


Roger visibly enjoyed playing in Schaffhausen, he said he loves the place and the audience was really special as well - Swiss audiences are simply great - they were spot on not only with the whistling, they also managed to deliver the perfect clapping during "Don't Leave me Now".


As usual "Dreamer" was dedicated to "the dreamer in all of us" and in particular it got dedicated to a "birthday girl out there called Anita" which caused a bit of a confusion because Roger asked where Anita was but couldn't find her, finally when he said that he couldn't see the audience, the light crew shone some spotlights on the audience and as soon as Roger had spotted Anita, he started to play "Dreamer".


"Fool's Overture" ended the official set and it was a pleasure watching Roger and Aaron doing this wonderful song. When Roger and Aaron left the stage, the audience immediately began shouting "Zugabe" which is the German equivalent for "encore" and then they started to chant "ohohoh" (the Swiss version of "oleoleole") and Roger and Aaron returned for "School" and "It's Raining Again" and there were actually a couple of raindrops falling on our heads during that last song...


The audience burst into roaring applause after the last note and the organizers presented Roger with some beautiful flowers and the roaring applause still did not want to cease when finally the announcer told Roger how proud they were to have had him. The announcer, a young man, who had previously stated that he was not even born when Roger wrote his first hit songs, asked Roger how he was feeling now and Roger answered: "I enjoyed every second of it. My passion is to play and make people happy and I think we got happy tonight." That sentence caused only more applause, Roger left the stage but still the applauding did not stop, the announcer actually wanted to Thank us all for coming and wish us good night but there was no way. Finally he understood that he had to try and convince Roger to come out once again - there was no real need for convincing because Roger was absolutely willing to do one more. So, the announcer went backstage only to come back a few seconds later to tell us that although Roger had already played four more songs than planned, he would not care about any schedule and he would play one more. 


Roger came out again, the flowers still in hand and then he did something very beautiful: He symbolically gave the flowers to all of us in the audience. During the extra encore, "Give a Little Bit" everyone was singing along and when the song was over, Roger left the stage, saying: "Bye Bye. God bless you - Hope to see you again soon."

Thank you Schaffhausen! Thank you Roger and Bis bald!


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[ Posted by Flo, August 11, 2010 4:53 ]
     Dear Elke,
Thank you for all these details, I can imagine the beautifful square, and the athmosphere of joy and peace, around Roger !
All the Best,
Flo "a crazy Fan" from the French Fan Club

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