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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Madrid and Barcelona, Spain ~ July 29 and August 2 ~ Ana Lopez and Vidal Cancho 


"Lovers in the wind and itís raining again in the eye of the stormĒ

These last days have been full of emotions. Days of reunion with friends and the opportunity to personally meet other friends at last!, face to face. But above all, have been days to share with Roger and his team, to make us feel that we are part of that team, we felt like one else. THANKS from the bottom of our hearts.

The concert in Madrid, began for Vidal and me, the day before, with a warm meeting with  Linda Tyler and Linda Gianotti in their  hotel, where we gave them a big basket of fresh fruit, on behalf of our Spanish Fan Club.

And  came the big day. And of course it was a great day!!! We had the privilege to enjoy everything:  before, during and  after the show. Able to live it from within, cooperate and help as much as possible for us ... an unique and unforgettable experience.

After the first meeting with Roger, who greeted us with a broad smile from the stairs to the stage, shortly before soundcheck  start, we went to the seats to see the previous work of preparing the instruments and everything else, so, the show comes out perfect. See Roger work on tuning guitars, piano, etc, is a delight, perfectionist and meticulous, everything must be perfect, and then, offer a magnificent concert.

Before enjoying the show, we live another valuable experience: Staying at the merchandising point, was great how people bought T-shirts, cd's, dvd's, It was fun to help in this task, in good company, with Linda Gianotti and Michelangelo Peixoto, great guy, my new  Portuguese friend!. ;))

And the show began. Audience received  Roger with a tremendous ovation. Song after song people got crazy. Nothing and no one wanted to miss the show, even the Moon showed her face over Royal Palace of Madrid, to "say helloĒ to our minstrel, perhaps, therefore, the wind, envious, would get the leading role and decided to blow hard at times, causing some of the stage trees fell to the ground, and had to be withdrawn, or mic stand kiss the ground more than once. But occasionally, the wind was transformed into a gentle breeze, like a bride in love, who played with Rogerís hair, as lovers  dancing in the wind, which was a nice extra.

I canít fail to mention, that beautiful moment, after playing "Donít leave me now" (One of my favorite songs I have to say), when Roger had the floor to thank all those present for attending and how important they are to him, and at that time, made a personal thanks to the guys from TLW and Vidal and me, as the founders  of Spanish Fan Club, at that time, I could not stop jumping and shouting "thank you", while we raise our flag, everyone stood clapping and shouting "OE OE OEEEE ::!!!!" thanking Rogerís words. And then  he played "Dreamer" for us. It was another unforgettable moment.

During the show, also, we had the opportunity to listen to songs that usually are not performance as "Know who you are," say goodbye "or" The Awakening ". An excellent show, with a fresh Roger  and in great shape, with his unique voice caressing our ears and getting into our souls putting goosebumps.

When the show had finished, Roger met his guests at the backstage, among which were the six winners of the contest we did from the Fan  Club, to have the opportunity to be a little bit with Roger. Everybody  left  very pleased with the experience to have shared those minutes next to their  idol, talked and took photos and lived a very happy moment in their lives, they will remember forever.

And after that, he met us. Was a happy  and intense moment, always so friendly, so kind, so sweet, with his perennial smile, accepting the gifts, signing photos, with infinite patience ... And these hugs full of love, leaving from  the bottom of his heart and touched  me so deep inside as breathing the morning air in front of the seaÖ

A few days later on the road again, heading to Girona (Cap Roig), 800 km forward, with  all that memories from  Madrid still shining in our eyes, and with our heart open  for the day that were expecting us.

When we arrived at the venue in  Cap Roig, Roger was starting the sound check, Linda came to the door for us, and welcomed us with a big hug. She accompanied us to the seats  and sat down to enjoy the soundcheck. Roger, at that time was on his back and did not see us coming, but when he  turned to pick up his guitar and see we were there, greeted us surprised and happy to see us and was interested in our long journey. Always so sweet ...

In Girona, we had the opportunity to meet more Spanish Fan Club friends, the boys from "The Logical Group" and so on. It was an evening  of hugs and kisses, joy for meeting us and can enjoy  together a concert of the Master.

But, unfortunately, could not be. Ten minutes before the concert fell a tremendous waterspout and a big storm with thunder and lightning to scare. But although there was no concert, the audience could attend another wonderful show, as was the sight of Roger in front of the stage for 45 minutes!! signing anything that was set before him and taking photos. Roger once again showed his quality as a person, his respect for his audience "It's the least I can do," he said. Everyone left glad, everybody was happy. To act in that way make big an Artist. And Roger is big, loves his audience and it shows.

Still, after those 45 minutes, Roger had the great kindness of welcoming us into his dressing room, with  the six friends from Spanish  Fan Club, winners of the contest, and other guests. We were like a small family, as a group of friends who chat in a relaxing time and discussed the vagaries of the day. And again the embrace of good vibrations that Roger  transmitted to me, saying everything without saying a word, because when the heart speaks says it allÖ

Sorry for the long chronicle, I hope you have got here without boring you. ;))

Just add one more time, THANK YOU, Linda Gianotti has been wonderful to meet you, and I already want to see you and share other merch with you. Miguel Angel Peixoto, thanks for that photo, the next in Paris, but you and me  together. Aaron, you are irreplaceable, great musician and great person. Shakti, so sweet, I enjoyed meeting you. To all the friends I have known, I hope to see you soon and share together the magic of Roger. Vidal, my partner, my friend, without you, none of this would be the same, I love you. Linda Tyler, I miss you already, you're wonderful. And, of course, ROGER, simply , THANKS FOR BEING YOU!

I love you all!!

Ana & Vidal - Roger Hodgson Spanish Fan Club

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