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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ~ July 10, 2010 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

July 10, 2010


I just got back from seeing Roger at the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. If there was a roof it would have been torn off with the noise the crowd was making. With every song that you sang it kept getting louder and louder. You actually couldn't get a word in after "Breakfast in America” the crowd was so loud. The best way to describe you is like a fine wine, only gets better with age.   Roger you are amazing keep on playing and bringing joy to all who hear your songs.             ~Brock Bush


Wow what can I say? It was a wonderful concert at Ottawa's Bluesfest. Some long time attendees say it was the best they have seen.  I loved the music and the rapport you had...truly great.   "Dreamer” played on the radio when I was driving back home after our daughter was born. It brought tears to my eyes...hey not tears, an allergy I think :) Sadly my wife and son were ill so missed the show, my son Greg is an aspiring musician and would have liked your show..     Thanks and come back soon.                ~Mike


I've been a fan of your music since I was about 8 years old. I saw you perform live for the first time in 1998. Now whenever I have the chance to hear you play, I go because you always give a passionate and heartfelt performance that takes me to a very special place.   Tonight at Ottawa Bluesfest, and for the first time, I saw you perform with a band. It was one of the most sublime moments of my life. Hearing your music played with such passion and with such talented musicians just reaffirmed that your music is timeless. I'm looking forward to seeing you play in Ottawa again soon. Thank you so much for a wonderful show.              ~Chris


Had the definite privilege of attending the Ottawa Bluesfest earlier tonight and hearing Roger. It was like listening to a close friend who has brought so much joy. As I walked up towards the stage and heard the opening bars of "Hide in your shell", I knew I was in for something special. It was the best night for ages and a truly wonderful experience. Thanks Mate!!          ~Bob Parsons


I was bestowed with a wonderful pleasure of meeting you after your show at the Bluesfest tonight in Ottawa Canada; I was the teenager among the group.  I wanted to tell you that it was wonderful to finally meet you and have a dream come true.  Thank you for taking the time to give a little bit of your love to your fans.                      -Cam L


I was at your concert tonight here in OTTAWA at the Bluesfest and it was truly amazing! I have seen you perform three other times Roger (as I've been a huge fan for a very long time) but tonight was magical, even quite spiritual, as your voice, melodies and words brought back the sweet memory of my youth. I also fell in love with your amazing saxophonist / keyboardist Aaron who is soooooo talented and mesmerizing.  Aaron - I was so excited to say hello to you at the end - truly a wonderful moment. You are incredibly talented and I hope you come back to Ottawa sometime.                  ~Trish


Just saw you at the Bluesfest in Ottawa :)   You were fantastic and I hope to see you again sometime soon!             ~Braden


I'm not sure that any musician anywhere can be described as both legendary and underrated.....I suppose we've run out of superlatives when it comes to a talent like yours. I had the privilege of being in attendance last night at Bluesfest in Ottawa-it marked my 10th time witnessing your magic on stage. I think back to 1975, at a high school auditorium in Ottawa with 500 others and marvel at your continued longevity and brilliance. You truly are one of a kind, Roger. Thank you for visiting us once again-there's a stage reserved for you, in Ottawa, anytime you are in the area. God bless and continued good health.       ~Jim


After listening to Supertramp music for a lifetime, It was so nice to see you and your first rate band doing justice to your own Supertramp songbook at Ottawa Bluesfest.  The way you showed your appreciation for the audience was wonderful, as was the obvious pleasure you get from playing for appreciative fans.           ~ Howard


Bluesfest in Ottawa. What a great thing to see you with a band finally, after seeing you everywhere you go in Ontario for the last 12 years. I really enjoyed the new song - more of them next time. And come to Toronto SOME day and stop making us go to Casino Rama!                ~Michael McLaugh


I took my Date to see you perform. She barely knew of Supertramp/Roger yet by show's end she was singing 'n dancing along :-). She said she had a great time both hearing Roger and being with me (Sorry Roger, but you have to share...   I returned to Bluesfest the next day to see RUSH perform and I wore my Roger Hodgson concert t-shirt from the night before and many people came up to me asking about the show and sharing their reviews of it - all glowingly positive!!!     Truthfully, I enjoyed Roger more than Rush.             ~Craig Baumken      


I'm so sorry to read about the frustrations with Rick (misleading tour advertising, lack of communication about special reunion shows, etc.). It's sad that life has these troubling aspects, when it all could (should!) be so smooth. While it's very kind of you to consider the fact that we fans would love to experience you with Rick, John, Dougie and Bob again, the reality is that your current line-up seems like a fun group of guys, and they totally accurately make up the Supertramp sound that we all vibrate to. The same can't be said of recent versions of Supertramp, who butcher your songs live. I've seen you in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer, Sydney (Australia) and two days ago in Ottawa; your shows are never anything but completely magical. So, despite the problems and pain that must come from being ignored, essentially, by your former band mates, please know that from our perspective, you're perfect with or without them. Thank you for allowing us all to glimpse Heaven.           ~Colin Gardiner

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[ Posted by Bruce, July 15, 2010 9:31 ]
     Saw you in concert here in Ottawa last year, Roger, and the sincerity of your connection with us, the audience, was second only to the thrill of hearing you perform live for the first time. There was no way my girlfriend and I were going to miss seeing you again this year at Bluesfest! This time I know my 18 year old son was right in front of your stage and he, a very astute musical listener, said you were awesome! I couldn't agree more. Thank you for coming back so soon after last year - hoping you can make it a bit of a habit. And one more thing... keep writing new stuff! What you've written so far is more than enough contribution to musical history but more would be.... MORE!


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