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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada ~ July 4, 2010 

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

July 4, 2010

Tonight, I will be the lucky one...I'll be at the Roger's show, right here in my hometown, Shawinigan Quebec. I'm 52, and I grown up with Supertramp and Roger since my youth.  During the last 10 years, I have seen Roger’s shows many times and he still fabulous. He is a great singer and like he said....he's better than ever. I agree with that and hope and wish Roger will do concert for many years to come.  Sometime, few drops come out my eyes, because his songs remind me some very good memories.  See you tonight Roger....let's blow the scene. God bless you and your family..     ~Robert


Thanks for the great show tonight in Shawinigan , it was wonderful!  All was there, temperature, people and your great music!  Merci beaucoup pour cette belle soirée! Thank you very much for this wonderful evening!        ~ Pat the White


I went to see you at the Shawinigan summer festival, just came back from the gig and it blew me away!  I was 12 (in 1979) when I first heard of Supertramp's music so to see and hear Rodger Hodgson perform live many, many years later is an absolute dream come true. Thanks for a wonderful time, a memorable night.       ~ Nathalie


Thank you for bringing back so many good memories. I liked the effort you put in talking French to us. I hope I will have the opportunity to see you in show again.           ~John and Jean


See you this evening at Shawinigan. I will always remember!!! Thanks for such a great show and you speak French so nicely. Wish you the best!  Luv U XXX              ~ Diane


.... BRAVO!.... saw you yesterday at SHAWINIGAN...super you brought me real good souvenir...saw you also in BUENO AIRES in 2008..... It was very kind of you to make that effort to speak in French last night ....bravo!               ~ Gilles


Hi Roger! I saw you last night in Shawinigan. Your song is very, very good. Thanks you for helping me have such a good time!  Xxx            ~ Westine


Hi Roger, I drove from Montreal to Shawinigan last night to see you and believe me it was worth every mile. Thanks for the pleasant evening, the show and music, it was fantastic. Take care, you are a wonderful person.             ~Michel


Shawinigan!!!! Merci pour ce magnifique spectacle. Mon conjoint et fiston étaient heureux d'être près de la scène et de vous saluer. Superberbe spectacle. Bravo aux musiciens. Bon travail! Nous avons passé une belle soirée !  à bientôt à Québec sur les plaines!

(Shawinigan!! Thank you for this wonderful show. My husband and son were happy to be near the stage and greet you. Super show. Bravo to the musicians. Good work! We spent a lovely evening!  See you soon in Quebec on the Plains!)        ~ Lise


I am very happy for your presence at Shawinigan. The show was usual, magnificent, but too short. Call me when you go back in my city for "Breakfast in America” at my home.         ~ Serge Lesieur


I see your show to Shawinigan July 4 2010.   Super.....    And you talk French very well.  I keep a good souvenir for we had so much fun.     Thank you, if you come back to Québec, we will see your show........
Welcome to Québec......         ~ Céline


I saw you at Shawinigan yesterday. Thank you for the nice show mostly when you sang your song school on my request :)               ~ Emmanuel Cyr


Thank you for the very good show you gave us in Shawinigan yesterday evening. Your voice was very good and so was your energy. Since the music was magic, I guess you and your musicians are magicians!  I knew you were on the TV show Star Academe last year and it was a great show too. But I have to say I already knew many of your songs before this show, of course. I loved your energy and generosity on stage. That's why I came to see you yesterday-- I'm so loved it! Long life to you, your music and tour. I hope to see you again.  Have a good day!              ~Hélène


I was at your show yesterday in Shawinigan and I just loved it. You’re the best, keep your smile, you're beautiful!               ~Louise xxx


Vraiment beau spectacle j'ai adoré merci beaucoup d'etre venu nous voir dans notre beau tit coin de pays...Shawinigan

(Really good show I loved it.  Thank you very much for coming to see us in our beautiful corner of the country ...  Shawinigan)              ~ Céline


Super show yesterday in Shawinigan. Merci!        ~ Guylaine



Thank you for the great show yesterday in Shawinigan. I went to your last show in Montreal, but now it was really awesome to see you in my hometown.   I'll probably go to Québec city next week, you should sing "Two of Us”, and for you have a great version with Aaron!  Thank you again for a great show and congratulations to the entire band for a great performance!  Hope to see you back soon!          ~ Phil


You were in my small city, Shawinigan last night! I can't believe it.  Even my teenage daughter had a very good time. She invited my sister-in-law and her husband. They took the "long way” road to come and see the show, from Ottawa. We had an excellent time.   À bientôt Roger         ~Johanne from Shawinigan, Québec, Canada


Nous sommes allés vous voir à Shawinigan hier soir, nous sommes tous les deux agés de 50 ans, nous avons très très aimé votre spectacle, notre jeunesse s'est vu revenir, ce fut très l'fun. Au plaisir de vous revoir .

(We went to see you last night in Shawinigan; we're both older than 50 years and very much loved your show.  Our youth has come back to us, it was the most fun. Hope to see you again soon)        ~Caroleet Gaston



MERCI de nous avoir fait passé un si beau moment hier soir à Shawinigan. Nous étions 15 amis qui ont grandi avec votre musique et étions réunis hier soir pour votre concert. MERCI de nous avoir fait revivre nos années de jeunesse.   La force de votre voix, jumelée à sa douceur et aux arrangements musicaux de si bonnes qualités nous transporte dans un état d'âme exceptionnel ! De plus, nous avons redécouvert -car cela faisait des années que nous ne l'avions pas entendu- Fool's Overture  Vous êtes un artiste hors pair, FÉLICITATIONS ! Votre plénitude est contagieuse ! et MERCI pour votre générosité sur scène !

Josée et François - Vincent - Marc - Hélène et Guy - Isabelle et Soon - France et Luc - Annie et Stéphane - Nathalie et Claude XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

(THANK YOU for giving us such a beautiful time last night in Shawinigan. We had 15 friends who grew up with your music and last night we were together for your concert. THANK YOU for letting us re-live our younger years.  The strength of your voice combined with your musical arrangements transported us into a state of mind of happiness! In addition, we have rediscovered the beautiful ballet of Fools Overture, as it had been years since we had heard it.   You are an outstanding artist, CONGRATULATIONS! Your fullness is contagious! THANKS for your generosity on stage!)           ~Zoe and Francis - Vincent - Marc - Helene and Guy - Isabelle and Soon - France and Luke - Annie and Stéphane - Nathalie and Claude XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Each time I here you sing it is always magic. It was the 5th time I experienced you live and I had the same sensation like the first time I saw Supertramp at the Jarry Park in Montreal for the "Breakfast in America” world tour.  C etais un retour dans le passée, (I walked back into the past). I felt like I was 30 years younger!!! Thank you Mr. Hodgson pour l ensemble de votre oeuvre (for all your work). Your music will never die.   Congratulation to your musicians who played with you last night. They were amazing.       ~Guest


J'étais à votre spectacle dimanche soir à Shawinigan. Que de merveilleux souvenirs.  Nice & wonderfull.Je vous aurais écouté pendant des heures.   Au plaisir de vous revoir sous peu

(I was at your show Sunday night in Shawinigan. What wonderful memories. Nice, cool and wonderful weather, could have listened to you for hours.   Hope to see you again soon.)                 ~Ginette


Merci pour le formidable spectacle. Roger Hodgson est un artiste fabuleux à redécouvrir.   (Thank you for the wonderful show. Roger Hodgson is a fabulous artist to rediscover. )             ~ Denis


I was in Shawinigan for your show Sunday night. I'm 20 years old and I knew only 5 of your songs! But now that I've discovered a lot more, I'm a fan! Your band and you were perfect! Especially your saxophonist he’s incredible! You seem to be a really nice person with good values and your songs will always live! We felt all the love the quebecers have for you and I believe it won't ever die! I've have only one concern about the show, It was a little bit too loud but that concern the persons who was playing with the sound... Well, I hope to see you soon here in Trois-Rivières because you are someone to see on the scene!          ~ Myriam


Merci Roger pour le magnifique spectacle que vous nous avez offert vous et vos musiciens à Shawinigan, dimanche dernier. Votre voix est demeurée intacte et vos chansons sont exceptionnelles. Thank You Roger for this great moment.

(Thank you for the wonderful show that you have offered you and your musicians in Shawinigan, last Sunday. Your voice is still intact and your songs are exceptional. Thank You Roger for this great moment.)            ~Stéphane


I saw and heard you in Shawinigan the other night....Just one word to say: Thank to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so good in my heart and in my ear!!!!            ~Isabelle



I was at the show in Shawinigan, my goodness this town will never forget, the whole performance was amazing. As you were singing Hide in your shell, though we had heard the lyrics thousands of times in our life, I saw people around me (including myself) choking back tears, being moved by their profoundness and the truthfulness in which you delivered them. As you left stage and walked behind the stands, a few of us waved at you, you waved back, all I came up with is "Thank you Roger”, so much more I would have said, like this anecdote about how I got hooked, my 1983 12th grade English teacher was playing Supertramp albums in class and asked us to write down lyrics, then evaluated how well we had done. The outcome, it did more for me than learning a language and I discovered a brilliant style of music that defined how demanding I would become regarding music. So thanks, to you and the band for an unforgettable evening and for the music you’re giving us. Hope to see your show again.            ~ Sylvia


I was in Shawinigan for your show Sunday night. Your band is very good and the saxophonist was incredible! And I would like to have the song list to the Shawinigan Show please...   Thank you and I hope to see you again!             ~Stephane




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