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Monday, June 28, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Vienna, Austria ~ June 26, 2010 

Vienna, Austria

June 26, 2010


1984 I bought my very first record. It was a special release for German, Swiss and Austrian people.   I know it today as "Die Songs einer Supergruppe(the songs of a super group) and it was from Supertramp. ;-) It contained a number of tracks from the album "Breakfast in America” and since I heard this music, as I was 13 years old, I knew that this music would attend me through my life.  After your split from Supertramp and the release of your own albums I knew instantly who was responsible for the magically sound of Supertramp.  So I just wanted to let you know that there are lots of people out there in the world who are very thankful for your life’s work and for the joy which your music brought into the hearts of us listeners.  As owner of all Supertramp and Roger Hodgson albums, I wish you the very best on and off the stage. I and all your other fans in Austria await your appearance on Saturday and I wish you that it will be as unforgettable for you as it will be for me!     ~Bernd Gehring


I just came home from your gig at the Donauinselfest in Vienna. And what can I say? It was mesmerizing. The only downside was that you had to end it so soon.  Other than that I can only repeat what you must have heard a few hundred times by now: That your songs stand out, and have a great power to move people. Let me also state here that I am 21 years old. That power of writing captivating songs doesn't know an age barrier ;-)  Your concert really was the climax of the whole festival and I would love to see you come to Vienna again soon.  So if you should ever come to my hometown of Salzburg, be sure to announce accordingly, so I can buy a "Maß" of Austria's best beer!   All the best to you and your beloved ones.           ~Alex


You made me happy with your music tonight at Donauinselfest 2010. And I guess the other 50.000 people too.  From concerts like this I live emotionally on them for months...  I hope you had a great time in Vienna and we see you at Konzerthaus next year.  Best.           ~ Fra


Love you, it was great in Donauinsel , fantastic!  Liebe grüße.             ~ Jasmin


 Let me tell you I absolutely enjoyed your performance at the Donauinselfest yesterday! It was really great to hear one of my life's best soundtracks interpreted live by you - your song "Take The Long Way Home" always meant consolation to me, and it did still means that and much more yesterday. When I'm blue, I use to accompany you on my own piano, this and others of your beautiful songs that still have the same (or an even greater) effect than 20 years ago. In that spirit, I hope you have enjoyed your short trip to Vienna as well and wish you all the best for your future work! We really appreciate(d) your coming here!        ~Michael


Just brought my dearest soul sister Claudia to the train that will take her home again ... we enjoyed an absolutely dreamlike time yesterday at your concert in Vienna and again I feel like have been overwhelmed with the most beautiful gifts this life has to offer .. the love and power that you spread through your music and yourself as a most special artist are incomparable, unique .. I am deeply grateful .. moved .. filled with love and happiness... thank you from the bottom of my heart for making 'things happen' and being a catalist for most precious friendships 'fanwide' !! And - THANK YOU for playing 'Dreamer' especially for Claudia and me !!       ~Christine


Thank you for the great gig of the Donauinselfest.     ~Chris


Thank you for your music and wonderful concerts.  A day without your music is a loosing day.
I won’t go to a Supertramp concert when you not on stage. Supertramp without you is just not Supertramp. I have only one wish. Please make a new record soon. I wish you and your family all the best. Sorry we beat England 4-1.       ~Dieter


Thank you for a fantastic show at Vienna's Donauinselfest. I never managed to see Supetramp live in concert in the 70s or early 80s (too young then) but Saturday evening made up for this completely.
I shall be there for your next show, for sure and look forward to it. Thanks again, it was fantastic and I wore a huge grin on my face long after the show was over.    Cheers.            ~ Klaus


My Soul sister Christine already found words so wonderful for what you gave us on Saturday. It was not "a little bit", it was much, much more than we ever could have imagined. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the precious moments. I feel so rich and so grateful for all these memories deep inside me... I know they will be there forever and no one will be able to take them away. I still think I'm dreaming when I remember you dedicated "Dreamer" to Christine and me :))))) Thank you is all I can say!!!! Sending you much love and a big (((Hug))) God bless you. See you soon in Munich.    ~Claudia 

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