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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Guestbook Fan Comments for Stadtallendorf and Trier, Germany ~ June 5/6, 2010 

Stadtallendorf, Germany

June 5, 2010

Thanks for the nice evening in Stadtallendorf.  All your fans hope you enjoy Germany again. Thank you, for the music. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank´s   We´ll see you and Arron again!!!!  Greetings from Germany.       ~ Ralf Bornmann


We have been so happy to snatch the last seat in the first row directly in front of you yesterday at the Hessentag Festival and to see you and Aaron again.   Then you gave my sister Janne and I an autograph after the concert.  I was so delighted that you recognized me at the beginning of the concert when you said that you also like the little ones.   I really love your music and I like the way you talk to your audience in such a touching way and always with humor (one time keys of the piano are smoking after Arron played them).  My sister Janne, 6 yrs., and I practice your live show at home, often, me playing the piano and her copying Aaron.  Love to see you again in Germany. I am sure that I will play your songs on the piano when my hands get bigger.  Kindest regards           ~Julius, 8 yrs. from Frankfurt


Stadtallendorf (Hessentag, Germany) was definitely the hottest concert ever! Not only because the 3000 people already started singing and clapping during the opener "Take The Long Way Home", but also because it really was a hot day ;-)  But as always, a concert with Roger Hodgson is a magical evening, and this one was no different.   We were treated with the usual wonderful songs, "Give A Little Bit", "The Logical Song", and "Dreamer", but this night, Roger also played the yet unrecorded song "The  Awakening" and from the album "Hai Hai" the song "Puppet Dance" for little Amelie!!  Thank you again, dear Roger, for an unforgettable evening!!!!      ~ Norbert Doerner


There are only few moments in your lives when you notice that something special has happened. Thank you for making the experience of music such a magical moment during your concert in Stadtallendorf.        ~ Martina


Thank you very much for this great evening in Stadtallendorf .  It really was like you told us.. The songs that are part of your life have became part of my life, as memories of some moments came back to me, hearing your songs.  Anyway, the concert last night was one of those magical moments in my life that I will never forget.  Great performance! Special greetings to your partner on stage too.  He also did a great job.  Hope you did enjoy the concert too and best wishes      ~Detlef


Thank you for this wonderful concert in Stadtallendorf and a "thank you” to your partner on stage.   It was a fantastic evening.  Best wishes.        ~Volker


For over 30 years your music has been a part of my life and Saturday I  experienced the concert in Stadtallendorf. I had a great time. Since then the smile on my face won't go away. Thank you so much for this wonderful evening.  See you again in Leipzig.  God bless you.     ~Netti

Trier, Germany 

June 6, 2010

VERY, VERY happy to come to Trier on Sunday and see your concert, too impatient.  I know it will Magic! All the best.    ~FLO a "crazy fan" from the FRENCH FAN CLUB


We appreciate so much your concert this evening in Trier.  You are an artist who is able to give people a great deal due to your music and your personnality.  Thank you so much, good luck for your tour and best wishes.      ~Sabine & Winfried


My friends and I want to thank you a thousand times for the wonderful evening in Trier.
I was especially touched by your thoughts on some pieces of your music, because these are sometimes the same feelings that I have when listening to your songs.  Some happenings in my life are connected with your songs in a very special ways. I agree with you very much, that love is the most important thing in life – and to be healthy.  You and Aaron are REALLY musicians and very, very kind characters too!  I wish you and Aaron all the best for the future.  Special greetings to Aaron he was also great. We will never forget this experience.       ~Rainer


Yesterday my husband (and I) took a trip through memory lane at your concert in Trier. A dream for him came true.  He grew up with your music, through all of his happy times but also through all of his sad moments. I didn’t know your music (unfortunately), but yesterday I became a part of those memories. I was deeply touched by the music as well of you.  You are not only in the heart of my husband but also in mine.  Thank you so much for this special evening I’ll never forget.  I wish you all the best for you and your family.  May love always be with you and may your music lives on to touch people‘s hearts all over the world.  Kind regards….        ~ Madelon & Marcel


A truly great performer with a truly great partner on stage - I have waited for this so long and I thought that the atmosphere was just what I expected after buying the Montreal DVD some time ago.  A thank you also to my wife for one of the best birthday presents ever!      ~Rob 



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