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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Valencia, Venezuela ~ May 21, 2010 ~ Musings from Shakti 

This was the perfect completion to our South America run. A beautiful outdoor pool-side setting with natural trees as a backdrop on stage, the reflection of the band and colored lights on the calm water of the pool, pristine sound, a warm and enthusiastic crowd, and the rain held off til after midnight when the show was long since over and the last people were ready to clear the deck.


I was sitting with the promoters for most of the show and they were very happy, enjoying every moment of this special occasion. I also enjoyed watching one particular fan, a man dressed in black who danced and clapped and moved in total joy throughout the show. I've never seen anyone rock out to Lovers in the Wind before- this guy did. In fact he rocked out to every song and whenever he stopped and sat for a few moments, he couldn't contain himself for more than a few moments. Then suddenly he would spring out of his chair, arms in the air in pure euphoria to hear this music, to feel and share the depth of emotion and heart with his idol on stage.


All in all to me this show was about 9.8 out of 10. and I don't know what the .2 was so maybe it was actually a ten. Roger was spot on. The band sounded great. The audience was both respectful, enraptured and elated.  Wow.


During Lord is it Mine one of the promoters said he had heard this song in a movie. It turns out it was in "Roller boogie" many years ago, and this movie was very big in Venezuela. It's a surfer movie- one we'll have to watch.


Roger dedicated Teach me to Love Again to Gregory C and his wife- both huge fans. His friend told me afterwards, you should see their house ...full of albums and pictures and all sorts of thing... like a temple or a museum dedicated to Supertramp and Roger Hodgson. His wife said, "first came Supertramp, then came me."


As I write this the rain is falling and it feels like a natural good night. And I have to say the other thing I love about this venue is that my hotel room is right upstairs.


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[ Posted by Vidal, May 23, 2010 16:55 ]
     Thank you very much Shakti... :))

[ Posted by Leopoldo Betancourt, May 23, 2010 18:10 ]
     Dear Mr. Hodgson, Im from Valencia Venezuela and I was at your concert last 21th. This was for me a dream come true. Your concert was my most excitable and amazing experience for me and my wife (I was the guy who put and arm at my chest and then pointed to you and the one who told SILVAR as the spanish word for whistle). It was a great honor and a privilegue to have you and your great band at my hometown. I love all your songs and your former partnerts in Supertramp. But I specially love Hide in your Shell (my wife favorite is Give a little bit). It is for me the most special, emotive and inspiring song. I think I listen it almost daily and always helps me in difficult moments and also to appreciate the good moments. As a huge fan of you, a say that you will always be welcome in my country. You made a lot of people happy last friday. Thanks a lot for your music, thanks a lot Mr. Legend of all time.

[ Posted by Tim Palmer, May 23, 2010 19:13 ]
     Linda, it sounds like the perfect evening! The only thing that would make your post even better is a couple of pictures!

I would like to travel to Europe to see Roger perform and a small, intimate venue is ideal for such a trip.

I'm glad to read your posts, keep up the great work!!

[ Posted by Silke, May 24, 2010 10:39 ]
     Hello Shakti, it is so nice to hear you also once. The concert must have been so incredible. As all concerts by Roger. I am following Roger, Linda and Aaron on Facebook. Unfortunately, I could find nothing about you. Really too bad. I am very sympathetic to you. Perhaps we are indeed 2011 in Hamburg. I would like all personally meet you. I have tickets for the first row. It would be so nice.

[ Posted by Gregory Carlsen, May 25, 2010 14:24 ]
     Hi Roger, Linda and Shakti, do not know how happy that made us really, so I'm still amazed of masterful concert so special dedicatory for my wife and me. thanks a thousand times thanks to realize the dreams of the dreamer.
are always in our hearts. see you again soon.
with love.
Gregory Carlsen and Family.

[ Posted by Manuel Acosta, May 29, 2010 16:40 ]
     Hello Mr Roger, My wife and I were at youR concert in Valencia, Venezuela on May 21st and to us it was really really great. We enjoyed every single one of your songs so much that I can't pick wich was best, but I must say I had tears in my eyes with Lord is it Mine, Hide in a Shell and Dreamer. Yes the Roller Boogie movie was big here and they play Lord is it Mine when Linda Blair skates solo. You might remember me when we met backstage took pictures and I mede a recomendation to you about translating on your web page the lyrics of your songs since none english speaking people only really enjoy half of your songs.
To me the Valencia concert was the best ever and beleive me I have seen quite a bit. Just bought your DVD and the Paris CD from your web page and please do come back very soon to Valencia. Thank you Mr Roger for such a memorable time.

[ Posted by Emanuel Messias, June 05, 2010 11:56 ]
     Roger, eu estive no show aqui em Belo Horizonte no Brasil no utimo dia 15, maravilhoso, espetacular, fantastico, tudo de bom. O melhor show que ja vi. Um abraço. Volte mais outras vezes aqui nós Brasileiros estaremos de braços abertos para recebe-lo. Um abraço.

[ Posted by katia Camargo, June 16, 2010 17:01 ]
     Roger, eu estive no seu show em Belo Horizonte e nunca imaginei que fosse tão bom! Ele foi tão tocante que mesmo após 1 mes do show, só escutamos voce em nosso carro. Estamos planejando assisti-lo novamente em Orlando(novembro) ou na França(setembro). Muitas Felicidades para voce. Um grande abraço.

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