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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Reviews from Belo Horizonte, Brazil - May 15, 2010 

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

May 15th, 2010


Hey Roger! Today, May 15 2010, I'm attending your concert in Belo Horizonte. I hope you do fine! I'd like to say that I know mostly all your Supertramp stuff on the set list and a few solo songs. I beg to you to play "Give Me Love, Give Me Like", a very impressive and beautiful song of yours.  ~Lucas Rocha


Hi Roger, Welcome to Belo Horizonte! Today is a special day. The day that we will see our great idol play the songs we hear in our adolescence, then, since 1991, we formed the band Cia Supertramp. Once a month we meet to play, to find others fans and keep the beautiful songs live in our hearts.  Cia Supertramp wishes you every success and hopes to have the opportunity to meet with you to personally to deliver some gifts.   ~ Marcos Temponi - Guitar, Harmonica, Bass
                                            Fernando Rennó - Keyboards
                                            André Santana - Saxophone
                                            Jeff - Guitar
                                            Guilherme Carrato – Drums


Today is the big day of the show Roger Hodgson in Belo Horizonte MG Brazil now but after that show I can die in peace.  ~ Marcelos


Oh Brother! Please tell me who Babaji is!  Thanks for your music!!!  ~Fernando


Dear Roger,  Just got home from your BH concert. You told us you might get back here next year. Please do come back. My wife could not go with me tonight. She was with me in 2002 when we saw a Supertramp concert in Vienna, and she will not believe me when I tell her that what happened tonight was much better!!! We will be waiting for you and your wonderful band.  Best Regards!    ~Lucas


I just got back home after your concert in Belo Horizonte and I just love it! Actually, I don’t know what to say after this great show, certainly the best that I've seen in my whole life! Also, it was my first international concert and I have to thank you for such a beautiful moment.   I'm only 21 years old, but I love your songs, I love the way they touch people's heart as deeply as you touch mine! And I was there singing with you...  I really hope that you could get back here in 2011 as you promised! Keep rocking in this tour.
Hugs,      ~Caio Zaidan


Me and my family loved the show today / yesterday in Belo Horizonte! Congratulations, everything was great!! "Oleê olê olê olêê, Rogeeer Rogeeeer" hahahaha.  Thank you!    ~Vitor, 19


Dear Mr. Hodgson, thank you and your band for this loving night! The concert was supreme and certainly all Belo Horizonte public will want to see you next year with great happiness!
God Bless You and your family   ~Fernando


Dear Mr. Hodgson, Thank you for the incredible show in Belo Horizonte today. It was a great surprise to see you and your new band singing the greatest songs of Supertramp. It was really amazing! Belo Horizonte is waiting for you next year!   ~ Sebastião Jún


(Ola Roger Hodgson yesterday in your show in Belo Horizinte Brazil was maguinifico voce is thrilling as always a shame that his show is just 2 hours could be listening to you and your band during 24 hours direitofiquei waiting for his return in Belo Horizonte during 15 years I love you is Supertramp)

Ola Roger Hodgson estive ontem em teu show em Belo Horizinte Brasil foi maguinifico voce é otimo como sempre pena que seu show é apenas de 2 horas poderia ficar ouvindo voce e sua banda durante 24 horas direitofiquei esperando sua volta em belo Horizonte durante 15 anos adorei voce é o Supertramp.  ~Marcelos


Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole ... ROGER, ROGER!  15/05/2010 DAY WILL MARKED IN OUR LIVES,
The show held in BH, WAS surprising and wonderful, the band is spectacular, the songs were perfect ... CONGRATULATIONS REGARDING THE BIG MOMENT THAT HAS BEEN PROVIDED IN .. HOPE SEE THEM AGAIN SOON ...  HUGS,         ~LEOPOLDO E LUCIANA


Roger You´re the best! Don’t forget Belo Horizonte, we´re waiting for you in 2011.Olê,olê,olê,olê, Roger, Roger...Best regards   ~Giovane R Magal



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[ Posted by Joao Almeida, May 17, 2010 4:50 ]
     Thank you for coming to Belo Horizonte, Roger. Great show. Great performer. It was amazing to watch your presentation after all this time just listening to your songs

[ Posted by Roberto Reis (41), May 17, 2010 13:55 ]
     15/05/2010 was a special day in Belo Horizonte. I saw the show here in BH in 1998, but this time was wonderfull. I hope Roger came back as soon as possible, and bring other musics with you, like Genesis and Phil Collins ... Thank you and congratulatios for the show and your band.

[ Posted by Patricia Valle, May 19, 2010 8:50 ]
     Back in 1998, after Roger's gig in Belo Horizonte, I wrote in my diary: "This guy laughs with his whole body, keep on laughing Roger!" and sticked the show ticket depicting his brave face. Twelve long years later I went to see him laughing again. Oh boy, you are so gifted! And I am incredibly lucky to share this tiny piece of time and one-in-a-trillion planet with you!

[ Posted by Marcelo Moura, May 21, 2010 13:23 ]

About your time in Belo Horizonte, Brazil…..Thank you! I lost your show in 1998… But, the second chance I couldn’t lose. May 15th in BH city was a special to all of us, including you, I suppose. You was a incredible… I'll never forget this day. Thank you. Olê… Olê… Olê… Olêêêêêê… Rogeeerrrr….Rogeeerrrr!

Marcelo Moura

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