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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Reviews from Buenos Aires, Argentina - May 11, 2010 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 11th, 2010

I just got back from seeing you, Roger, at the Gran Rex, here in Buenos Aires.  I must say, I was very glad when I heard you were coming to our country, but I didn't expect that the show would be so moving! It was a great experience for me I enjoy your music very very much, I think your songs are so very unique, and they get through to a very important part of me- my soul. thank you so much for writing and creating songs that will, surely, transcend many generations, and, personally, for making my life happier and filling it with color and emotion! Your songs are like.. Well, life! ~ Lara 

oooohhh roger roger roger. the sound of your voice is a cure for hearts. the show of last night was magnificent. congratulation roger and see you next year. buenas noches ~ Alicia 

I was at the Rex, Buenos Aires yesterday and enjoyed every bit of your show. I could have stayed for a couple of more hours stuck to my seat!!! Your concert was everything a musician's performance should be: absolutely devoid of egocentrism, you were there just to please us and to please yourself. It felt like you were jamming at a friends' meeting...notably, the empty mike in the middle of the stage gave me the idea that you really felt "a part" of the band, rather than the band itself, and that is a testament of humility that very few people of such outstanding life accomplishment usually display. Your band is simply amazing, five people and it sounds like a philharmonic!!! You just did not "Give a little bit", you gave an awful lot. Thank you; hope to see you back in our, your, home. ~ Gonzalo 

Thank You Roger and your band for last night show. I feel a great emotion and flashback in time to that days when I used to play Supertramp Records!!!. Your voice and talent are intact. Thanks For refresh my memories. Great band, so professional. Alex, 44 years .
Total fan. PS: I missed In Jeopardy. Try to include it next year. Congratulations!!!!. ~ Alex 

I'm so grateful for your concert in Buenos Aires! You and your band gave us a wonderful show. I'm very moved. I’m not going through a good time, but yesterday you cheered me up. Thank you!!! Your voice and your playing were as always so beautiful and touching. It is great that Aaron was yesterday on your stage, as last year. He is such a talented musician! Yesterday you said you want to come back next year. We wait for you with the arms and heart open!! Maybe, if you come back, you could include in your show "The meaning" and
"Showdown". Cheers!! ~ Vero D 

The performance of Roger in Buenos Aires last night was amazing !! Great sound and great songs with the most warm public in the world !!! ~ Horacio 

English is not my first language, so please forgive me. I saw Roger yesterday in BsAs and my eyes were full of tears. I couldn´t believe that he was actually in the same place like me! His songs had helped me to carry on in several difficult moments, through childhood (I´m 30) till now. Thanks God for the moment you decided to be a singer and share all that melodies and beautiful emotions with all of us. Good luck and hope to see you again in BsAs. God bless you. ~Filomena

Thank you very much, Roger for Yesterday concert. It was great!! You transport me about thirty years ago, when I hear your songs for the first time at a school trip. You touch my deep feelings. I hope to see you the next year, as you promised. Regards. ~ Eduardo (44) 

Roger what u did last night in Buenos Aires was incredible. I really had a great time, and u made us, Argentineans, relax and enjoy an excellent show, and forget all our daily problems. By the way, Aaron is an outstanding musician, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and listening, EXCELLENT. THANK YOU, come back next year please!! God save Roger Hodgson!!! ~Andres 

ROGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!!!! ~H E R M O S O 

DEAR ROGER, Hellow!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yesterday I was enjoying your show, here, in Buenos Aires, it was WONDERFUL; AMAZING! and the band is so great too, excellent musicians. I had enjoyed it too much, every moment, every song, it was a flashback in time, and I felt so happy!! Thank you for your connection with us, I´ll be waiting for
you next year, you promised it!!! I love you so much, you are a genius!!! HASTA PRONTO!!! See you soon!! PD: Thanks for many many may "give a little bit" ~Meribé 

Dear Roger, I must tell you that your show last night went above and beyond EVERYBODY's expectations. Thank you very much, and all the Argentinean people will wait for you next year. I hope you had a good time as well :) One last thing, 'Babaji' is some GREAT song that may fit nicely in your show. Consider it that is a song that really touches me. Again thank you very much, and I hope to see you next year and that you include Babaji in the show :) ~Bilbux 

Hi Roger! Last night I´ve seen your concert in Buenos Aires...the only thing I can say is THANK YOU for all the emotions! It was really great, extraordinary! You helped me remember many different moments of my life, which I shared with your music. Thanks as well for your explanations for each song, hope if you come next year you perform "Know who you are"...I love it!!!!! Cheers from Argentina ~Nan 

Roger, thanks for your music!! I ´ve just seen you in Argentina last Tuesday 11th. It was wonderful, you transmit PEACE, as equal as your songs. You are GREAT!!! Thanks again! I hope you enjoy our country. ~Patricia 

Roger: thanks for the beautiful day we are offered! The concert in Argentina wonderful and your good vibes with all the Argentine fans, great! Greetings and many more successes. ~ Marcela and her daughters! 

(ROGER, THANKS just for a night of excellent melodies as we have come, I hope you return soon, to return to enjoy your music and voice. Congratulations to the group. PLEASE for the LOVE IS A THOUSAND TIMES) ROGER, Simplemente GRACIAS, por una noche de excelentes melodias como nos tienes acostumbrado, espero tu regreso pronto, para volver a disfrutar de tu musica y voz. felicitaciones al grupo. PLEASE para la proxima LOVE IS A THOUSAND TIMES ~Fernando 

(Hi Roger, I'm Ricardo de Buenos Aires and I have a daughter named Emma of 10 years. During your concert the Tuesday before playing "If Everyone Was Listening" You said "I have a note here from father Richard and Emma." My wife and I were heart stopped at that moment. Both Emma and my 8 year old son Tim went to the concert (in fact while we wink Tim danced Give a little bit standing up from his chair). Several years ago I wrote in this way Gabriela telling my wife was pregnant with Emma on the night of your first gig in November 1998 (Theatre The Coliseum). My big question is to know who Father Richard
and Emma !!!!!!! Please love me that you or someone in your team to take me out this question that haunts us Gabriela Emma and me !!!!! Fantastic concert, very good band and we're waiting for your next visit. The best thing for you and your family, ~Ricardo) 

Hola Roger, soy Ricardo de Buenos Aires y tengo una hija que se llama Emma de 10 años. Durante tu recital del día martes antes de interpretar "If everyone was listening" dijiste "I have a note here from father Ricardo and Emma". A mi esposa y a mí se nos detuvo el corazón en ese instante. Tanto Emma como mi hijo Tim de 8 años fueron al recital (de hecho nos guiñaste un ojo mientras Tim bailaba Give a little bit parado arriba de su butaca). Hace varios años te escribí por esta vía contándote que mi mujer Gabriela había quedado embarazada de Emma en la noche de tu primer recital en noviembre de 1998 (en el Teatro El Coliseo). Mi gran duda es saber quiénes son Father Ricardo y Emma !!!!!!!
Por favor, me encantaría que vos o alguien de tu equipo me saquen esta duda que nos atormenta a Gabriela a Emma y a mí !!!!! Fantástico el recital; muy buena la banda y ya estamos esperando tu próxima visita. Lo mejor para vos y tu familia, ~Ricardo. 

(Graciuas BY THE BRILLIANT SHOW you gave us!! WAITING FOR YOU IN 2011!) ~moni juan y gus 

Graciuas, POR EL SHOW BRILLANTE QUE NOS DISTE !!!! TE ESPERAMOS EN EL 2011 !!! ~moni juan y gus 

Hi Roger, I saw you two days ago in Gran Rex and you was wonderfull. I saw the tree times you came to Argentina. I do 100 miles to see you. I have a dvd/cd of your first time in Argentina to give you but security people didn't let me give it to you. I need a green ribbon to get close to you but havent. I hope to see you next time. ~Tata

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