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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Temecula, March 27 - Phoenix, March 28 - Miguel Angel Candela 

Many thanks to Breakfast in Spain for these posts.  For photos and Spanish versions, please visit their site
Temecula, Casino Pechanga, March 27

Again, one more year, I decided to cross the water and see the first gigs of the tour and meeting old friends.
As the song says, you know "Take a jumbo, cross the water, like to see America. See the girls in, California ...."
And it was fantastic! I never get tired of exploring the far West......

First gig was in California, a huge casino, and the next day in Phoenix, Arizona, about 600 km I had to drive across the desert (and Roger's team too!)
The first show was sold out, and the Casino theater was spectacular, large, comfortable, with two large video screens .....
The set list was the usual, though that night was not "Hide in your shell", surprise. But other great classics like "If Everyone Was Listening" or "A soapbox opera".
It's pretty clear to me that Roger and Aaron and sound engineer have been working on songs during last this winter, and small but important details have been added (more instruments in some parts, more vocals ,..... and how to synchronize all that for a perfect sound, that implies more work for Aaron and sound engineer on stage.)
Look at the two keyboards next to Aaron, Nord and Yamaha Motif 7. He's playing "hammond" sound and "strings" in most of the songs, at the same time he's singing and playing harmonica, flute, saxophone and clarinet solos .... Amazing...
His contribution in most of songs is very important, like "A soapbox opera", "School", "It's raining again" or "Child of vision" among other numbers.

Moreover, in "The Fool's Overture" number, I was astonished when Aaron, while doing one of the sax solos, and at certain point he kept playing saxophone using one hand, blowing, while the other hand played a few notes on his Nord keyboard, using the trumpet sound ...... amazing!
Then we joked about it after the show. I reminded him that his legs were free for other instruments, hahaha

The fact is that with all these details, together with the sound engineer's work at the mix table (reverbs, echoes, settings, etc ...) show is great and plenty, everyone in the audience very satisfied, and only in a few moments a band could be missed.
Although for whoever likes a full band sound, Roger will perform some shows with band in this tour, so you can check the tour agenda.

Roger was great, fantastic, and chatting with the audience as usual, and at the final encore people jumped from the seats and dancing, some people at the edge of the stage in order to be closer.
As usual he was telling stories and jokes about his songs and feelings. For example he was laughing himself talking about lyrics of "Breakfast in America" song, he said "Take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got..." "so simple, is what it is" he said. Well "that was my inspiration at that moment, these Lyrics works for me..." hahaha (or something similar... I'm sorry I'm not native english) and empathize with people. It had been some years since he played in California last time, his home, so he felt very comfortable.

If you have the chance to see some videos from this concert in youtube ( I saw some) you will check how great the sound is. Chilling !

Phoenix, Marriott Hotel, March 28

Something similar for the second concert, in Phoenix, and that night he played "Hide in Your Shell." Show was in a large garden within a Marriot hotel patio, so even from the rooms and terraces audience were able to see the concert.
Here the atmosphere was more festive or casual and people were jumping and dancing even more than previous night (but smaller venue and audience anyway). It was a real summer-night (in meddle of March !), so it was a fantastic night in the gardens, with fountains and water and plants around, and the magic from Roger sounding and floating in the air.

The Set list was similar to the night before, with just few changes, as already commented in "Hide in your shell" and he also performed "Even in the quietest moments", a true magic song for an outdoor show in a summer-night..... Total relax ! Thank you Roger !!!

Now, with all new details added, it's a wonderful experience listening songs like "A soapbox opera" or "Child of vision", terrific !!!

After show Roger attended to all fans who were waiting impatiently, one by one, photos and autographs, and so I saw many happy faces: o)
Some good friends from California who had been the previous day's show also moved to Temecula for this show in Phoenix (by flight) so we had a great time.
After the concert, Roger and his team went in a few days to Australia and New Zealand where he had not acted since his times of Supertramp. (And I went the Grand Canyon and Utah's National Parks, hiking around again)

The bad new was from bass player Jesse Siebenberg. He had plans for touring with Roger this year (band shows), like previous years, but suddenly he cancelled days ago after Rick's call for joining unexpected Supertramp tour 2010.

Anyway, Roger looks happy and pleased, encouraged with the new tour, shows-booking is going well and it's expected to be very complete and wide tour, with concerts of different types (with Aaron, with band, orchestra)
Don't miss it!

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