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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


First Australia Show - April 4 - Byron Bay - Musings from Aaron MacDonald 

Photo:  Howard Heckers

Well, we finally made it here with all our parts and pieces. Whoopee!!! I was beginning to think we might never get here what with all the flight delays and setbacks, I think we lost about 24 hours in total. No matter, plenty of time to sleep after I'm dead. The time difference is a little whacky though. Now my math is dodgy at best but, if it was 12:00 pm in Toronto then it was 9:00 am in L.A. and I think it is normally a 17 hour difference between L.A. and Sydney (14 for T.O. to Sydney) SO...that means it was 2:00 a.m. in Sydney. BUT!! when we arrived, Australia had not yet observed daylight savings time so the clock was actually ahead one hour. Oh Yeah, we also arrived in Gold Coast and headed to Coolangata and they are an hour apart as well, so.........................I give up!!!

Actual time aside, we were put in a great Hotel in Tweed heads/Coolangata, within full view of their amazing beach. Does everyone here Surf? I mean I thought it was just a passionate hobby for some younger enthusiasts. But man everyone -young, old guys, gals, I even saw a kid who couldn't have been more than 8 carrying a board and donning a wet suit. Grandfather types, even grandmas heading down to the beach to catch the next good set. Truly inspiring, Way to go! I managed to catch a couple waves myself the first day, but my body surfing skills leave a lot to be desired, no matter the water was beautiful.

The show the following night was great! You Australians sure are a warm bunch of people. I love it here. The Band "10 CC" who we are on tour with, went on before us. Man they sound great! Nice big sound, Killer Vocals and fantastic music. Roger and I are really lucky to have such a talented band going on before us, it'll really make us work to maintain the same intensity only without a rhythm section. Anyway, when we played Give a Little Bit the entire audience sang along with us!  It was amazing. Everyone was in tune as well!! All the rest of our songs were equally well received, and Dreamer in particular went over quite well. What a fun show this was! My only big regret was that "Crowded House" was playing at the same time, and I couldn't watch them! Oh well, maybe next time.

See ya in Melbourne........Aaron

Photo:  Howard Heckers

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[ Posted by Linda G., April 07, 2010 15:55 ]
     Aaron, I like your philosophy of "plenty of time time to sleep after I'm dead." Way too much living to do! Thank you for the great comments about Australia. Helps us feel as if we're there.
Hugs, Linda

[ Posted by Marianne, April 07, 2010 17:57 ]
     He he - so glad we were in tune for you Aaron! :0) You two are worthy of a Glastonbury headliner!

[ Posted by Kathy Jones, April 08, 2010 4:54 ]
     Aaron, thanks for taking the time to write these.

Be sure to at least sleep on the plane. It's a great healer, and you want to stay healthy for your beautiful wife and daughter!

See you in 2 weeks! :o)

[ Posted by Vidal C., April 08, 2010 18:19 ]
     Ohhh...great to read about all the news about the concerts..for all the fans who wants to know how about everything goes on.
thank you Mr.Aaron..and everybody.Hugs,Vidal.

[ Posted by Lisa Doxrude, April 08, 2010 20:15 ]
Only you could offer us these snapshots of behind the scenes, thank you for taking the time to do so, it truly appreciated, truly.

I like the feedback about 10CC, have always been a fan, would love to see them sometime.........

[ Posted by carole morris, April 09, 2010 9:12 ]
     G'Day Aaron, I'm still on a high from tonights concert at the Enmore in Sydney. Wow you are fabulous. I use the term 'you're a long time dead' and it actually started when I was questioned by friends why I'd pay so much to see my favourite bands from the 70's. Hope you both get some spare time to enjoy our fabulous country.

[ Posted by Susannah, April 09, 2010 23:29 ]
     Hi Aaron,
Still high from the Enmore concert last night. Is there any musical instrument you can't play? I'm a long-time (and long-ago) fan of Supertramp and didn't miss the others at all. You and Roger rocked.

Hope you enjoy your time in Oz. Please come back soon.

[ Posted by Joni D, April 10, 2010 22:28 ]
     Aaron, as others have said, thanks so much for taking the time to post your experiences. Can't wait to see you guys at Fallsview!

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