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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Vancouver, BC Canada ~ March 4, 2011 ~ Photo by Howard Heckers 


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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Vancouver, BC Canada ~ March 3, 2011 ~ Review by Ross Viner 

Add equal parts spirituality, love, musical genius, with a sold out crowd and what do you get?  An evening with Roger Hodgson.  Such a recipe can only fill you with joy!

Better known as the voice and co-founder of the super group "Supertramp” Roger made his way to the lower mainland for the first time in four years to an enthusiastic audience.


Opening with "Take The Long Way Home” the crowd embraced the musical genius and he embraced them.  Unlike a lot of musical legends who come to sold out audiences, Roger actually engages his crowd.  Most artists come on stage to sing hit after hit with minimal interaction and sometimes this can come across as work rather than passion, often looking scripted.  Not Hodgson!  He clearly still loves his songs and playing to his fans often giving a history of some of his tunes and interacting with audience members.

Other song performed include "The Logical Song”, "Breakfast in ...

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Pechanga Casino and Resort ~ Temecula, CA ~ February 25, 2011 ~ Review by Cristophe Chartier 

My wife & I had purchased our tickets the day they went on sale. We had been looking forward to the concert for weeks now. Being in sale I had been driving up & down Southern California all day that Friday, February  25th, rain coming down hard at times I even wondered if I had planned my day right. Was I going to be on time to pick up my wife & make sure the baby sitter was herself going to be in time? You see, raining in Southern California creates havoc on the road…………I know, I can hear "It’s raining again” But enough about me, I was on time to pick up my other half, told the baby sitter who we were going to see & yes, even at 19 she knew the songs that hopefully we would hear later on that magical evening. So off we go along ...

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Pechanga Casino and Resort ~ Temecula, CA ~ February 25 & 26, 2011 ~ Review by Lisa Doxrude 

To my delight Roger Hodgson opened his 2011 tour right here in the United States at Pechanga Resort at Temecula, California.  Traveling from Wisconsin to experience both shows was so worth the adventure for Roger and company delivered.   


This was the first time I had seen Roger with a full complement of musicians and if you had closed your eyes you would have been hard pressed to distinguish between the sound of this group and Rogers former band. 


Roger along with Aaron McDonald (multi-instrumentalist), Ian Stewart (bass), Bryan Head (Drums), and Kevin Adamson      (Keyboard player) offered flawless performances.  Friday night February 25th, you could feel the first show of the season excitement, the chemistry of between the players and their interactions with the audience, it was electric.  Saturday February 26th, Rogers humble presence filled the room and his appreciation for the 2nd sold out performance, was give to his enthusiastic ...

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Pechanga Casino and Resort ~ Temecula, CA ~ February 26, 2011 ~ Review by David Mendenhall 

Two up, two down! The second show of Roger's tour like the first, was a complete sellout. In case you haven't heard, Roger is performing with a band of four musicians this year, and all but drummer Bryan Head who hails from Southern California is Canadian.
     Roger began the show with "Take The Long Way Home," and "School" before surprising the audiennce with "In Jeopardy," a rarely performed track from his 1984 solo LP "In The Eye Of The Storm." "Lovers In The Wind" from that very same LP immediately followed. 
     Roger and the band have already congealed into a tight unit, and before the show is complete, Roger and his band have gone through all four of the songs that he wrote on "Crime Of The Century." "School," "Hide In Your Shell," "If Everyone Was Listening," and of course "Dreamer."  This pattern is also repeated for all of Roger's written ...

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