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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Paris, France ~ May 19, 2013 

php/Olympia 5-18-13 FB.jpg

Tonight marked eight consecutive sold out shows! Fans at L'Olympia in Paris received a very special surprise this evening with Roger playing "The Garden" from his Open the Door album, which was recorded in Brittany, France. The song was met with thunderous applause at its conclusion. The love affair between Roger and his French fans continues on Tuesday in St. Amand! Tickets are still available through

See you there!

Photo by Howard Heckers

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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Paris, France ~ May 18, 2013 

php/Paris stage from balcony clearer 5-18-13 copy.jpg

We arrived this afternoon in Paris from Brussels for our third of four back-to-back shows. This was our first show at L’Olympia with the band and the guys had been looking forward to. There is an ongoing love affair with Roger and his French public and he loves coming back often to perform in the classic venue where he feels right at home.

The evening was full of beautiful music, a wide range of emotions, and new lifetime memories. The audience enjoyed Aaron practicing his French when Roger invited him to speak a few words. For the finale, many umbrellas went up and danced in the air over the audience when Roger and the band broke into "It’s Raining Again” to close the show. 

Hope to see many of you again tomorrow at our second show here in Paris at the L'Olympia and on Tuesday in St. Amand!


Photo by Linda Tyler

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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Backstage Pass ~ Brussels, Belgium ~ May 17, 2013 

The rain in Brussels did not dampen the spirit of the audience. Roger's show at the classic venue, Cirque Royal, has been sold out for weeks. He has been on tour in Europe for a couple of weeks with Aaron and for tonight's show they were reunited with the rest of the band who had flown in from Canada and the US! 

The sound was excellent, the magic was in the air- and audience cut loose during Fool's Overture - remaining on their feet for the rest of the show - even those in the top balconies. The management of the venue said that this is rare and they loved the enthusiasm of the crowd! People came from many parts of Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, and even Portugal. Many shared with us that they will also be going on to see the shows in Paris at Olympia May 18 and 19.

For ...

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Frankfurt, Germany ~ May 7, 2013 

Nearly 8 month were gone, since we saw Roger and Aaron last time performing in the L’Olympic in Paris. Early this year we used the chance to get some tickets for the announced show in the "Old Opera” in Frankfurt on 7th May 2013. A wonderful location for an intimate concert with a fantastic acustic inside. You can’t compare it with any other modern venue. That would be the third time we would join Roger there so we did knew, where the best places will be. On the one hand with a perfect view on stage and on the other hand getting a nearly perfect accoustic. Not row 1 to 3, ‘cause you won’t get the full sound from the bigger loudspeakers hanging left and right beneeth the stage, but only from the monitors in front of it. So it’s better to get row 4 to 6. So we decided buying ...

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Frankfurt, Germany ~ May 7, 2013 ~ Reflection by Elke Beckett 

New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Frankfurt, ...
The big cities are always quite special locations when it comes to Roger's concerts. As for Frankfurt, it is one of the five biggest cities in Germany and it is situated on the Main (pronounced Mine) river - or to play on words a bit: on the Main stream. A lot of what you get here in Frankfurt is just that: mainstream but if you are lucky, you will get a lot more than that. It's just the same with Roger Hodgson. You cannot deny that there are certain aspects of mainstream here - you can't sell more than 60 million records and have your hits played on the airwaves for almost four decades and not be labelled mainstream. But, boy, if you take a closer look, there is so much more to Roger Hodgson than that. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with mainstream - we're ...

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